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This is a compilation of Enabling Technologies' solutions that are provided to their valued clients. Their team of Cloud Strategy Advisors, Solution Architects, IT Consultants, and their most elite partners like Microsoft have designed these solutions to take on some of the biggest challenges companies are facing in the market today.

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    Teams Productivity Template Apps 

    Teams Apps are a terrific way to engage Frontline and Knowledge workers with productivity tools they need from within the Teams platform. Here are just a few of the many applications which will enhance your employees’ day to day collaborative experience.  

    Issue Reporting – do your frontline workers regularly send emails, chats, or create tickets to raise or report issues?  Issue Reporting is a Teams app package that allows managers to create a variety of Issue reporting templates that all your workers can use to make reports.  From Damaged Property to Depleted Supplies, any type of issue template that your team needs can be deployed through Issue Reporting. The app package includes workflows that manage the reporting, review, actioning, and resolution of issues and maintains a log and reporting dashboards. 

    Visitor Management – as we return to the workplace, it is more important than ever to manage visitors to your office. The Visitor Management app allows staff to create visitor requests and track the status through a dashboard, and get notified when a visitor arrives on site.   

    Staff Check-In – this Power App enables oversight and communication between on site and field or remote staff. Staff can check in on and ad-hoc or scheduled basis, and include notes and attachments. Reminders and automated workflows allow distributed teams to stay in touch and on track with daily activities and reporting.  

    Request-a-Team App – achieve a balance between IT oversight and employee empowerment with Request-a-Team.  Employees make a request for a team, which generates an approval workflow and then creates the team upon approval.    


    Day 1 – art of the possible demonstration of the app solution and requirements gathering.  

    Day 2 – deploy app solution to your Tenant and train app owner(s) and pilot users 

    Day 3 – Conduct Pilot testing and meet with your change management team to discuss roll out communication and training.  

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