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This is a compilation of Enabling Technologies' solutions that are provided to their valued clients. Their team of Cloud Strategy Advisors, Solution Architects, IT Consultants, and their most elite partners like Microsoft have designed these solutions to take on some of the biggest challenges companies are facing in the market today.

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    Technical Planning (Onboarding)

    Technical service to provide guidance to allow you to complete your move to the cloud using the following phased approach:

    • Technical assessment
    •  Remediation
    • Enablement
    • Content migration

    Success Planning


      Access to adoption resources to assist with the following:

    •  Establish engagement workflow
    • Determine stakeholder involvement 
    • Define business outcomes and specific use cases 
    • Identify specific actions that ensure a successful launch (success plan)

    Migration Benefit

    (500+ Seats)

    • Guidance with your partner 
    • Standard and predictable 
    • No additional tooling
    • Free-up resources by using Microsoft’s Velocity team

    solution pic 1 What To Expect From FastTrack


    FastTrack Responsibilities

    • Provides guidance around the design and remediation of the customer’s environment in preparation for the migration
    • Access to FastTrack Specialists throughout your subscription (150 or more seats) of eligible Microsoft 365 and EMS SKUs 
    • Downloadable onboarding and adoption resources and templates
    • Direct remote assistance during normal business hours 
    • Perform email and file migration (500 or more seats) – Microsoft FastTrack Velocity Team 
    • Best practices, self-serve tools, and resources

    Customer Responsibilities

    • Articulate requirements for your business 
    • Complete all assessments, remediation, and hands-on configurations 
    • Assign project and technical leads to coordinate and direct all customer resources
    • Configure your environment and perform email and file migration (499 or less seats) 
    • Implement change management and process optimization

    Partner Responsibilities

    • Provide coverage for resources not covered by the FastTrack Center Benefits (add on billable services)
    • Assists with email and file migration (add on billable service)
    • Provide customized tools, change management services, and end user training (add on billable services)


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