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This is a compilation of Enabling Technologies' solutions that are provided to their valued clients. Their team of Cloud Strategy Advisors, Solution Architects, IT Consultants, and their most elite partners like Microsoft have designed these solutions to take on some of the biggest challenges companies are facing in the market today.

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    Digital transformation is causing a tsunami of data. IDC estimates that in 2025, the world will create and replicate 163ZB of data, a 10x increase from the amount created in 2016. More than documents and emails, organizations now deal with IMs, text messaging, video files, and images. Ensuring compliance to such content is taxing.

    The Data Risk Management and Compliance Workshop is delivered by Enabling Technologies, a Microsoft Gold Partner and five-time Partner of the Year Award recipient. The workshop gives you the insights you need to better discover, protect, and govern your corporate data. The core of the workshop is the Data Risk Check, which covers

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    Discover compliance risks in:

    • Exchange Online mailboxes & Public Folders

    • Microsoft Teams

    • Microsoft 365 Groups

    • SharePoint sites

    • OneDrive for Business accounts

    • Stale data

    Data Loss Prevention

    • Identify sensitive information (scoped to Exchange Online email) in transit (sending & receiving))

    • Prevent accidental sharing

    • Monitor and protect

    • Inform users how to stay compliant

    • Use DLP reports to see matches, overrides, and false positives

    Auditing & Alerting

    • Alert on suspicious and unusual activities such as mass deletion and downloads of organizational data

    • Set thresholds for when an alert is triggered, and decide whether to receive email notifications

    • View, filter, and dismiss alerts


    “We used to respond to unplanned issues which would interrupt our other work,” said Chris Gielow, IT Director, Viewpoint Software “Just being reactive was untenable. Now, we’re being proactive, and are much more scalable.”

    What to Expect?

    By the end of this workshop, Enabling’s compliance experts will provide you with a:

    • Data Risk Check report that includes findings and insights from the automated discovery process

    • Recommendations and actionable next steps to help mitigate the identified compliance risks

    • Detailed assessment of your strategic objectives, influences, and priorities for compliance

    • An understanding of Microsoft’s approach to compliance and how it relates to your organization

    • Hands-on opportunity with the latest tools and methods

    • Set of recommendations on your compliance strategy, with key gaps and next steps

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