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This is a compilation of Enabling Technologies' solutions that are provided to their valued clients. Their team of Cloud Strategy Advisors, Solution Architects, IT Consultants, and their most elite partners like Microsoft have designed these solutions to take on some of the biggest challenges companies are facing in the market today.

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    Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365 Solution

    Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365 safeguards your organization against malicious threats posed by email messages, links (URLs), and collaboration tools. Defender for Microsoft 365 includes:

    • Threat protection policies: Define threat-protection policies to set the appropriate level of protection for your organization.
    • Reports: View real-time reports to monitor Defender for Microsoft 365 performance in your organization.
    • Threat investigation and response capabilities: Use leading-edge tools to investigate, understand, simulate, and prevent threats.
    • Automated investigation and response capabilities: Save time and effort investigating and mitigating threats.

    Defender for Microsoft 365 Support

    Supporting Microsoft Defender can be a significant burden on current IT staff for any sized organization. Enabling Technologies Managed Services can provide the peace of mind to make sure your Defender for Microsoft 365 deployment is functioning at it’s best. We’ll provide support for policy changes, tenant configurations, safe and block list management, incident response, remediation assistance and top tier technical support of complex Defender for Microsoft 365 issues.


    Proactive Coverage

    • Microsoft 365 Digest for Defender for Microsoft 365 – Stay up to date on Microsoft changes
    • Client Proposed Policy and Tenant Changes Review – Change Management
    • Email Threat Alerts, Threat Tracker and Campaigns review on a monthly basis
    • VIP Targets and Impersonation Review – Proactively configure tenant to protect identied impersonation and VIP targets
    • Secure Score Review – Secure score and related recommendations review
    • Microsoft 365 Security Center Assessment – Security focused tenant review


    Highly trained and certified professionals with years of unified communication experience.

    Comprehensive Support

    Our support packages include vendor liaison service so we can work with your telcos, 3rd party software, and hardware vendors on your behalf

    Backed By Microsoft

    As a Microsoft Teams Gold Partner, we can escalate issues to Microsoft’s highest level of support.

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